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About Us

Collective Family Day Care Scheme is licensed by the Department of Education and Training. The scheme consists of a network of educators who provide quality education and care for children in a home environment . Collective Family Day Care Coordination Unit, employs highly trained quality staff to support and assist educators.

Under the Education and Care Services National Regulations (2011) educators can provide education and care for a maximum of seven children, four being under school age, and three school age children. The educators own children are included in these numbers.

Collective FDC believe that children learn in an environment in which they are given opportunities to develop skills through play based learning. We believe that children should be given opportunities to direct their own play and are encouraged to be independent and confident learners.

Vision statement

It takes a village to raise a child. We believe that it is vital to work in partnership with families and others to ensure children are given the opportunity to develop to their potential.

Mission statement

Collective Family Day Care’s mission is to revolutionise how education and care is viewed and conducted in the Family Day Care environment. As a scheme our commitment is to support and maintain a professional community of inspiring, like minded qualified educators and co-ordination unit staff, where inclusive and reflective practices  benefit  all children.

We believe that through providing a back to basics, hands on approach which embraces the natural world as the third teacher, will help children to discover themselves, to develop their emerging autonomy and resilience. This will give children the opportunity to become active members of the community where their contributions and opinions are valued.

It is our mission to build strong foundations for each child where they are supported holistically and have a right to choice, freedom of belief and are viewed as capable and confident learners. We will offer families flexible, quality education and care, for their children where partnerships are built on trust and respect.

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