Animal Checklist and Risk Management Plan

Assessment of learning and development template

Authorised to administer medication

Bank Details

Childrens information update

Emergency and Evacuation practice

Excursion risk management plan

Incident Injury Trauma and Illness

Parent Authorisation for NON ROUTINE excursion

Parent Authorisation for ROUTINE excursion

Parent Consent to Relief Care

Parent Permission Form for Access to Pets

Parent’s Information Update

Record of visitors to family day care residence or approved venue


Change to Care Form

Unaccompanied Arrival and Departure Form

Immunisation Schedule

Fee receipt template

Termination of Care Form

Daily Risk Management Form

Limitation of Liability Form

Fee Schedule

Relief Care notification by Educator Form

Primary Educator Relief Educator Agreement with Collective

Record of Injuries not occurring in Care Form

Parent scheme agreement and child enrolment

Educator Assistant Application and parent permission

Relief Educator Induction

Educator Social Media Declaration

Social Media Parent/Guardian permission

Permission to apply SunScreen

Parent Authorisation for Incursion

Breast Feeding Plan

Register of Medication kept at Family Day Care Service

Medical communication Plan and Minimisation Plan

Risk Management Plans for Critical Incidents

Risk Management Plans for Family Day Care Service

Nappy Change, Hand washing etc procedures

Evacuation Procedures

Doctor Clearance Letter

Portal Cot Checklist

Policy Review Form

First Aid Quarterly Check

Enrolment Pre-Booking Form 

Child/ren Leave Form

Child Information Form 

Educator Own Child Enrolment

Supervision Risk Management

Excursion risk management PDF only

Emergency Evacuation Risk Management

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