Puzzles Family Day Care


Collective family day care educator Dale is ensuring the children attending her service in Blacktown get a grassroots early childhood education.

It is this back to basics approach that saw Dale named National Family Day Care Educator of the year in the 2015 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards.

Dale's nature-based service boasts a dedicated permiculture program including worm farm, outdoor kitchen, vegetable and herb garden and compost. Climbing trees are encouraged at the early childhood service.

“We grow our own food which is shared amongst the families, we tend to the worms building our compost and using recycled materials in our garden and outside play area,” she said.

“The backyard has many play areas all made from natural resources where possible. We have an outdoor kitchen, natural sandpit with a climbing tree in the middle and an outdoor art station where children can paint anytime. Children learn and grow through play and here at Puzzles children have many opportunities to explore and discover themselves".

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           Education today for the child of tomorrow.

At Brightlings we are dedicated to raising the natural intelligences of children to be the best that they can be- bright, wise, w1ell and angelic-like.

How do we achieve this? We access the latest evidenced informed practices in education and neuro-science to provide personalised learning opportunities in a nurturing and compatible environment.

Natalie is a university trained Teacher with over 2 decades of experience in Primary Schools, Early Childhood and Early Intervention.

Our service in Warners Bay Lake Macquarie is accessible to children from birth-13 years.

We are government funded for CCB and CCR and licensed through Collective Family Day Care Scheme.

Programs are available for FDC, Occasional Care, Respite Care, Emergency Placements, Vacations, Overnight and Weekends, Out of School Care, Home Schooling, Tuition and Early Intervention.

Natalie is an approved disability provider of NDIS Trans-disciplinary Early Supports.


Gabby's Family Day Care


G’day my name is Gabby, I have been in the childcare sector for more than 3 decades. Beginning my career in my early twenties in Long Day Care, until I left to travel Australia with my husband, working as a nanny and Educator whilst travelling. I began my journey in FDC when my first girl was born in 1998 and have continued this journey through having my second girl in 2000, and now enjoy sharing my family with Gabby’s FDC families.

Gabby’s Family Day Care is natural play and playing naturally, I provide an individual specialised curriculum for each child.                                                                             

 Offering an extensive range of activities which include; excursions to the zoo and farms, bush walks, playgroups, family events.                                                                                          

  I provide an environment that is rich in resources, nature based, secure, fun, caring, nurturing, anti-bias and comfortable.                                                                                        

 I believe that all children are resourceful, competent and confident learners, who are capable of contributing positively to our world.                                                                                 

 I include families input and develop a partnership to create a program that is play based which covers not only the areas of language, cognition, fine and gross motor development, social/emotional but encompass the child holistically.                                                                 

I incorporate the National Quality Standards, Early Years Learning Framework and the NSW Curriculum Framework into my daily practices. I undertake regular training, taking guidance from the educators in Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Steiner and Arini methods and many more.

At Gabby’s Family Day Care we provide a natural sustainable environment with many family pets, veggie gardens, chooks, and sensory play and instil a love of life and a curiousity for our magical world.        




Nat's Family Day Care


About Nat’s Family Day care

My name is Natasha & I have lived in Waverley area for over 33 years & have worked in childcare for over 18 years, working as an educator in the local long day care centres & 9 years ago began my own business. I have completed Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education & hold a current certificates in CPR & First aid, Asthma & anaphylaxis, Child protection & a working with children check.

My philosophy is to provide a safe ‘home-like’ setting with an educationally & socially enriching environment allowing children to learn through play & to explore their surroundings: creating an atmosphere where social, emotional, cognitive & physical development takes place. Children are encouraged to interact in relation to others with care, empathy & respect (LO 1.4)

Throughout the day children are provided with healthy & nutritious meals as well as rest for a healthy development & growth.

My job as an early childhood educator provides fundamental ‘building blocks’ for children’s education in further years. The most rewarding thing about working as a family day care educator is having an opportunity to see children develop & grow in your care, with the right guidance I believe the ‘children’ can make and create a better tomorrow.


The Little Ark Family Day Care

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Hi my name is Beck and I am excited to be part of Collective Family Day Care. I have over 20 years experience in Early Childhood Education and have a passion for educating and caring for young children.

I believe that learning should be fun and that each child is on their own learning journey and I love to champion each child and inspire them along their way.

I have three wonderful sons who make me smile and laugh daily and I couldn't imagine my life without them.

I love all things family, craft and creative and am also a graphic designer by night.

I look forward to meeting you.005

Vika's Child Care

Kerri's Family Day Care

Nicky's Tiny Tots FDC

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Hi my name is Nicky, I have been working in Child Care for about 4 years. In that time I have been a causal Educator in Long Day Care Centre’s and also as a Relief Educator in Family Day Care. I enjoyed working in Family Day Care so much that I decided to open my own Family Day Care Service.

The journey setting up was exciting while making sure that the environment complied with Regulations. I enjoyed setting up the environment and putting a lot of thought into how, what and where things were going to be placed.

We had a TV cabinet that we were not using any more, because our new TV would not fit in it, so I decided to transform it into a play kitchen for the children. I love to recycle items for the children to explore.

We have a vegetable garden where the children will learn how to grow foods promoting healthy eating.

Under a lovely big shady tree we have built a sandpit where the children can dig, and use their imaginations (its also great for their sensory skills).

Our yard is very spacious where the children can run and play freely.

We wanted the environment to be welcoming, natural, and be a place were children and their families feel safe and supported.

We play, learn, and grow together.

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